This Is What Reddit Really Looks Like

May 14, 2013 | Andy Cush

Reddit is huge, almost unfathomably so. To a lurker like myself, it can be difficult to understand the inner workings and connections beyond a few big subreddits, like AdviceAnimals, IAmA, and, uh, NSFW Science. Thanksfully, redditor sharkbait784 created this interactive data visualization, which maps the connections between subs based on the number of times each sub links to another. In order to streamline things sharkbait784 removed both the smallest and the biggest subs (based on the idea that a link from a top 20 sub isn’t that interesting because there’s so much varying content happening there. Everything is beautifully searchable, draggable, and zoomable, and without it, I’d never know that WhiteRights shares so much in common with NationalSocialism! Enjoy!