Laurel Nakadate Art Skate Decks Are So Obvious and So Hot

May 16, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Artist Laurel Nakadate‘s work is… provocative. It’s dancing-in-strange-dudes’-homes-in-her-underwear provocative. It’s anyone-who-attacks-her-for-being-attractive-is-antifeminist provocative. And now, she’s on a skateboard deck. Damn. Of all the artists we’ve seen on skate decks — from Hieronymus Bosch to Damien Hirstthis makes the most sense.

These limited-edition, hand-painted decks by Artware Editions and Woodpoint & Kingsland cost $3,000. Entitled “Untitled Performance,” the deck sources Lucky Tiger (2009). It’s one of the outdoorsy pin-up photographs that the artist passed around to men men whose fingers were dipped in fingerprint ink, visualizing their touching of Nakadate. They pawed them. They smudged them all up. “Dirty pictures.” Get it?

The skate deck features the artist’s own handprints in black paint on both sides. Consider it a sensual autograph. Or, let’s say, an update of the Lucky Tiger project — Nakadate touching herself.