Who Wants a Free Supreme Parody T-Shirt?

May 16, 2013 | ANIMAL

Maybe you’ve heard that Supreme’s founder James Jebbia is suing the shit out of ANIMAL pal Leah McSweeney? Leah designed a parody of Supreme’s logo almost a decade ago for her clothing line Married to the Mob. It went well. Now, she’s being sued for $10 million. Naturally, this is absurd, as Supreme is notorious for not only parodying other brands, but also straight-up counterfeiting them, leading to numerous legal battles of their own.

Additionally, the logo they’re catching feelings over — which they are only now in the process of trademarking, after 20 years of usage — is itself a parody of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger’s work. Kruger herself weighed in on the lawsuit, calling it “a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.”

To help raise awareness of the case, ANIMAL created this “Sue me” parody tee, which costs exactly nothing. And you won’t have to camp outside of a lame store on Lafayette to get your FREE shirt. Want one? Here’s how you get a t-shirt:

Our friends at Klughaus Gallery, who also understand how important it is to support free speech and artists, have graciously agreed to let their pop-up space be a pick-up point for the tees. Just drop in and ask for one. (Only one per customer please) Check out their current exhibit PALINGENESIS while you’re there. You can find them at 154 Stanton Street (corner of Suffolk Street) from 12-8PM daily.

UPDATE: They’re all gone, BUT, you can still make your own bootleg or download our version—here’s the EPS file! Have fun.

Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork
Design: Nate Cepis/ANIMALNewYork
Model: Genese Gonzalez
Location: Supreme (Thanks, guys!)