Voltage-Controlled Videogame Glitch Console: “Ming Mecca”

May 17, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Meet “the ultimate god mode.” From Special Stage Systems, here is Ming Mecca. Essentially, it is a new hybrid analog machine — a synthesizer that allows you control, manipulate, and hack the laws and visuals of vintage video games. Watch that trailer.

With the heart of a video synthesizer and the brain of a videogame console, Ming Mecca is the first of its kind: an ontological toy, a videogame easel, and a love letter to all things retrofuture. Designed for use in Eurorack format synthesizers but built to meet the demands of even the most seasoned micro-galactic interlopers, Ming Mecca modules will take your rig where no rig has gone before.

See how it works down here. Go read more. This is cool! I mean, I could gchat my gamer-misc-tech buds, drop some jargon, artificially enhance my basic knowledge of all these things, but fuck it. This looks really cool. The glitch modes will guide you into “abstract landscapes of digital entropy,” apparently. Damn. Let’s spend some time together. Show me everything.