Sheryo x The Yok Studio Visit: Ceramics Remixed

May 20, 2013 | Aymann Ismail

Before Sheryo x The Yok’s “PIPE DREAMS” exhibit opened at the Krause Gallery in the Lower East Side last week, ANIMAL stopped by the artists’ studio in Brooklyn. While the street artists are active in New York, this series of work was created at a ceramic factory in Northern Vietnam and on canvases inside their studio.

As Sheryo x The Yok subvert traditional crafts of hand-painting ceramic vases and plates, they remix Chinese folklore with skateboard and graffiti culture. The trippy series of vases, plates and canvases reflects “ideology, devotion, relationships” and “inside jokes” from their travels, work and life together and New York City. That translates in pipe-smoking twelve-eyed samurais and humanoid pizza-slices skating on coffin-shaped boards amidst Illuminati imagery and psychedelic fat-capskulls.

See Sheryo x The Yok talk about their newest collaborative series in ANIMAL’s studio visit video.  Sheryo x the Yok, “PIPE DREAMS,” May 16 – Jun 16, Krause Gallery, LES 

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)