Save the Pratt Cats

May 22, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Stray cats on campus of the Pratt Institute in Clinton Hill are a charming aspect of campus life, almost as old as the institution itself. Recently, there have been rumors of mass cat “eviction.”

That rumor was enough for over 1,300 Pratt students to sign Yanni Trittas’ petition opposing the removal the cats, just in the past 48 hours. Jolene Travis, a spokesmen for the school says:

Pratt Institute recently made an effort to reduce the high number of cats living on its Brooklyn campus due to a health issue affecting several members of the facilities team with serious cat allergies.

While many of these cats — about 100 in total — may have been considered “feral” or “strays,” they have been regularly looked after by a the college’s Chief Engineer, Conrad Milster; who has worked at the campus power plant for nearly half of his life. He has since attempted to care for some of the cats in his home, after the petition was disregarded by my many school’s officials.

At the moment the petition is closed, but according to an update made on behalf of Conrad Milster himself, only half of the cats have been removed so far, leaving the fate of the remaining cats to be an uncertain one.