How to Retaliate When Your Bike Is Stolen: Build Your Own Bike Rack

May 28, 2013 | Andy Cush

When Casey Neistat’s bike was stolen, he decided to take action. The New York City filmmaker lost his ride after locking it up through the stem rather than the frame due to a lack of good spots on his block. As Neistat himself explains in the video above, “what this means is that any enterprising bike thief need only an Allen wrench to release the stem from the fork, circumvent the lock, and take the bike.” In other words, bad news.

Had Neistat had better parking options, he could have properly locked up the bike and avoided the theft, so he took matters into his own hands, buying and installing his own rack right outside his office. What would have been a happy ending was thwarted by the city. “A day after installing the bike rack I was told to remove it or face criminal and civil penalties,” writes Neistat in the video’s epilogue. “Worse, if the rack was not removed immediately I would be evicted from my studio.”

Watch the whole thing go down above.