Watch Rollin Leonard Making New Art in His Studio on Netartnet.net

May 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

There’s a brand new artist interview video series on Netartnet.net and, as ANIMAL’s Art Editor, I’m jealous.

Artist Anthony Antonellis’s Netartnet.net project — “quick access to netart listings… all netart gallery bookmarks and RSS feeds in one place” — celebrated its one year anniversary this week, with more than 300 exhibitions and 1000 artists logged and with archives reaching back into the 90s. And now, there’s also THIS NEW THING — short narrated videos of artists in their studio working on a new projects.

The inaugural 001.mp4 – Rollin Leonard 360° is awesome and it’s barely over a minute long. Can’t wait for the next one.

It begins thusly (more of the transcript on Netartnet.net):

My name is Rollin Leonard. I’m an artist who lives and works in Portland, Maine. A lot of my work uses basic studio photography techniques and simple unseen props that help me manipulate bodies in measured ways. Like this giant protractor here that I’ve made out of my cat’s laser pointer, some paper, and my swiveling chair—this is for a video that I am working on of a bust rotating. The video will be split into nine sections, each rotating at different rates. The video exploits a concept called highly composite numbers…

Internationally exhibited Rollin Leonard was one of ANIMAL’s first interviews for Artist’s Notebook — we talked about pixels, bodies and “splat.” See him using his “crude but systematic studio photography” in his digital dynamic image making practice. Also, math. There’s math.

Here’s a previous work that Leonard created for Cloaque — Portrait (2012). Rollin Leonard’s upcoming October 2013 solo show at Transfer Gallery in Brooklyn.