Rent This Dan Flavin-Lit Loft for $2,000 a Night, or Don’t

May 30, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Look at that.

That minimalist Dan Flavin knew what he was doing, am I right? Sure, his signature sculptural fluorescent light installations looked good at the Dia or, say, at the Wissenschaftspark Rheinelbe in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, but don’t they look hot in a SoHo loft? Fellow famous minimalist Donald Judd lived here and you can now rent the renovated loft from the Judd Foundation on Airbnb for $2,000 a night.

Or you could have. Airbnb Room #1191624 has mysteriously disappeared. Thanks, Obama. Maybe it was fake. Maybe it was just not legal. It’s gone.

As per Rainer Judd on ARTInfo, earlier:

In the day, it’s bright and very white, and when the Dan Flavin goes on at night, it’s this very romantic blue other world.

Damn it. And I was going to rent it along with a $1,600 a night RED Epic digital camera and make, like, the classiest porno.