Super-Cheap 3D-Printer Could Ship This Year

May 31, 2013 | Andy Cush

Pirate 3D, a startup out of Sinagpore, raised $200,000 dollars in just hours on Kickstarter yesterday. Why? Because it promises to make 3D printing more accessible than ever, with a printer called the Buccaneer that will retail for just $347 and could begin shipping as early as December.

Pirate 3D also hopes to lower the barrier to entry for skills as well–in addition to working with standard 3D files, the company also hopes to introduce software that will allow users to easily tinker with pre-existing designs. For a $400 donation, you’ll get a printer plus a cartridge of plastic.

Probably not a “game-changer,” as it’s sure to be branded somewhere, but, as Christopher Mims points out at Quartz, it will get 3d-printing into the hands of more of the kids who will really explore the medium’s potential. Or you could just print a dumb bong with it. Or a dildo.