An Abandoned Ship Grows a Forest

June 3, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

Drifting through the notoriously polluted waters of Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia, the Floating Forest seems like something out of a surreal Hayao Miyazaki film — or at least, a deliberately crafted art piece. What makes it so magical is that the foliage sprouting from this 102-year old transport vessel came into being by its own accord.

After serving its purpose in WWII, the SS Ayrfield was brought to the bay in 1972 to be broken down for useful parts — but, due to a cease in operations at the ship-breaking yard, it was never fully dismantled.

Decades later, the lush vegetation pouring over the edges of the antiquated ship, set stunningly against the vibrant Sydney skies, is a favorite among local photographers like Steve DormanBruce Hood, Louise Evangelique and Stephane & Eva.