Yes, That’s a
Roy Lichtenstein on a Butt

June 4, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Right, then. This here is a series of exemplary butts with Roy Lichtenstein reproductions painted on them. The work by Boyarde Messenger will be part of her “Pop Art Bottoms” show at the Affordable Art Fair in London later this month. Prints, presumably. Possibly, the ladies.

Also, butts are challenging canvases, Messenger explains:

 The body is a lumpy canvas and, when you do a project like this, perspectives are important. These can change with the contours of the body – plus some ladies can be ticklish.

As art, it is hideously derivative — not just in the fact that it is a reproduction of an artist whose work itself is derivative of graphic novel imagery, at the same time lacking even a remote wisp of Lichtenstein’s concept in re-contextualizing pop media — but also because it reminds us of Andy Golub’s shtick. On the contrary, LOOK AT DAT.

All right then.