Drones Can Now Be Piloted With “Telekinesis”

June 5, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

It’s hard to say whether this development in drone-tech is awesome or terrifying. Awesome: This drone’s got mad skillz on the b-ball court. Terrifying, because IT’S OPERATED BY MIND CONTROL. Or is that also awesome?

Developed by French firm Parrot (in collaboration with an engineering team from the University of Minnesota), the thought-controlled AR.Drone quad-rotor helicopter is the first drone that can be precisely steered using an EEG headset that uses electrodes to respond to the user’s thoughts. For example: To get the drone to move to the right, the pilot needs to imagine making a fist with their right hand. It’s a promising advancement for people with disabilities, who could eventually benefit from this technology in the form of mind-controlled exoskeletons, wheelchairs, or prosthetic limbs.

Cool. As long as we’re not mind-control-flying them overseas to kill innocent people.