Artisan Shanks Are a Thing

June 7, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Sometimes you just need a good shank, but who has the time to actually craft one of these unique homemade cutting/stabbing tools themselves? Well… Brooklyn designers Chen Chen & Kai Williams have already began to capitalize on the virtually nonexistent market of shanks and are selling a collection thirty shanks, each as a limited edition, with design materials ranging from powder coated steel, mahogany, and electrical tape to cast iron, and electrical tape.

The tools, formerly only available to crafty prison inmates, can be yours for the modest price of $75. Hopefully, each of these unique items will be put in the hands of responsible and upstanding citizens, who want to be able to stab people with only the finest shanks provided by only the most local designers.

You can buy them on the internet.

(Images: ChenWilliams