Artist Urs Fischer Wants You to Touch His Clay on the Island of Hydra

June 7, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Yesterday, on the scenic Greek island of Hydra, the internationally renowned Swiss artist Urs Fischer premiered his exclusive participatory art project. Children of all ages as well members of the public were invited to visit the island’s exotic location to make whatever they wish out of large amounts of colored modeling clay.

Each of these many quite primitive looking sculptures, having been made by a diverse group of visitors each with varying degrees of skill was then combined into a single work of art to be displayed in fragments around the island’s old slaughterhouse.

The project was commissioned by the DESTE Foundation, founded by notable art collector Dakis Joannou. You may remember seeing his art collection in the form of  a disorganized pile at the New Museum’s “Skin Fruit” show “curated” be Jeff Koons.

As expected this endeavor has already become its own type of exclusive celebrity affair, drawing notable artists such as the one and only Maurizio Cattelan among others.  If you live on Hydra or have a jet, get over there!

Unfortunately, we do not have a jet. 🙁

(Images:Spyros Staveris/DESTE)