Berlin Wall Chunks Sell for Almost a Million Dollars

June 7, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

An anonymous buyer has recently purchased no less than 48 pieces of the Berlin Wall from the French auction house Pierre Berge & Associes – many of which include artworks by various notable contemporary artists.

These remaining pieces of the iconic wall were once distributed to artists after the wall was torn down in 1990 with the intention that the artists use them as “canvases.” The resulting work was recently purchased for the astronomical amount of €730,000 ($965,133.00), auctioned under the group name of “Artists of Freedom.”

Among the various artists given sections of the wall was France’s own Daniel Buren.

This is the first time that Berlin Wall-based art sold for such astronomical amounts of money.

But don’t worry! Here’s where you can buy a plain piece of the Berlin Wall for cheap.



(Images: DenverPost/ArtDaily/Yahoo)