ANIMAL London: Sudden Black and the Camden Collective

June 10, 2013 | Aymann Ismail

Sudden Black is a production house operating out of London that creates spellbinding music videos, short films and commercials. They also a have one of the greatest and most honest business philosophies ever.

As much as we take our work seriously, at Sudden Black we aim to have fun and in the process make amazing collaborative content. What we don’t do, is work with douche bags… just kidding we work with everyone!

Founded in 2011 by Paris Zarcilla and Daryl Atkins, Sudden Black has grown to include to include Daniel Bliss, Adam Mustafa, and Amy Addison. Their list of clients includes: Adidas, Redbull, Microsoft, Sony RCA, Universal, New Look, Jaegermeister, New Era, and Puma, among others. Remarkably, despite their short existence, they’ve already won an award for Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Fetival best short film at Wimbledon Film Festival.

The core team operates out of Camden Collective, a shared workspace for culturepreneurs that costs exactly nothing. It’s funded by local businesses who truly believe young people are the future. In addition to offering free rent, retail pop-up spaces on Camden High Street are also made available to the members of the collective for no money, creating a cycle of awesome that other municipalities could immensely learn from.

How do we not have something like this in New York City?

(Video: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)