The Great American Road Trip: “Roadside Attractions and Naked Chicks”

June 11, 2013 | Marina Galperina

You know photographer Nate “Igor” Smith from his blog Driven By Boredom. He says he’s been lucky to make a living shooting the streets, the parties, the babes, the craziness, and New York’s not-too-subtle definitive moments — but what he would like do now is to make you The Great American Road Trip Zine.

To celebrate his love of Americana and John Margolies’ photographs of roadside attractions (TASCHEN), Igor is travelling from New York to Chicago and from Chicago to Los Angeles all along Route 66, to see if those attractions still exist and… “put a naked girl in front of it.”

You can help, and, in turn, he’ll send you a zine and postcards or he’ll shoot your band, etc. Head to Indiegogo. Happy trails.