A Practical Guide to Squatting

June 12, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

After completing her Master’s Degree in Architecture, Larraine Henning decided to explore architecture in a more dedicated way; by living the life of a squatter and publishing an informative “how-to” book of survival and self-sufficiency.

A Practical Guide to Squatting doesn’t just provide useful tips for anyone planning to begin living such a lifestyle but includes tons of handy illustrations as well.

While the author casually states that the book is mainly meant to be a “tongue in cheek” guide to squatting, it’s quite apparent that she may very well be an expert on the subject. While demonstrating essential survival techniques such as how-to pick a lock and how-to assemble a temporary shelter, the author doesn’t hesitate to air on the side of leisure by showing readers how to build their own swimming pool as well.

During Henning’s time as a student, she studied informal architecture and alternative communities, in addition to temporary building and squatting. Being a well-rounded expert on the subject, Henning has been living beside an apple orchard for some time now.

She’s been actually been living off the land, for several months.

You can contribute to the project on IndieGogo. Check out an interview with the author at We Make Money Not Art.

(Images: Wax Castle)