Go Big, Go GIF at Lorna Mills’ Solo Show in Brooklyn

June 13, 2013 | Marina Galperina

TRANSFER — New York’s only net art gallery — has an opening tomorrow night that is relevant to your interests. Especially if your interests are large scale physical manifestations of digital work poppin’ GIFs like this…

This is Lorna’s Loose Lips Sink Ships! GIF from Run Computer Run, but for TRASNFER it’s all new everything:

The Axis of Something features a new body of Lorna Mills’ work that beguiles with surface and color. Her recent series of digital prints — glazed and neatly tiled into large-scale compositions — has grown to epic proportions for this show. For this exhibition, Lorna has paired her prints with a selection of GIFs, creating an animated experience of sublime beauty not to be missed.

The artist has been exhibited all over the world since the early 1990’s — “obsessive Ilfochrome printing, obsessive painting, obsessive super 8 film & video, and obsessive on-line animated GIFs incorporated into restrained off-line installation work.” I’m very obsessed with her. There’s this one collaborative work between Lorna Mills and Yoshi Sodeoka that takes Pink Floyd’s “Money” and GIFs, mangles and mashes it into Money2, mmm.

The opening is from 7pm to 11pm. You should come by — it’s at Metropolitan and Morgan. At previous openings, TRANSFER had A. Bill Miller perform of a gorgeously noisy ASCII live projection piece. The Rick Silva sculptures were actually stacked art prints on plinths that you could take home. After the opening, you’re headed to Alaska Bar on Ingraham and Morgan and drink and watch #LiveHotVideoArt. The establishment’s generous management lets project video art, see?

The Axis of Something,” Lorna Mills, Jun 14 – Jul 14, Reception Jun 14 6pm – 11pm, TRASNFER Gallery, Brooklyn. (Afterparty: 11pm – Sleep, Alaska Bar, Brooklyn)