The Seven Deadly Sins of Rich People, Beautifully Illustrated

June 21, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Here are the Seven Deadly Sins, re-imagined as sleek illustrations by Vincent Mahé. There’s a hint of a vintage paperback feel, but mostly, there is an overpowering “elite” aesthetic.

WTF is an avarice? Oh, but of course. It’s when you have a dozen dozens too many very expensive wines in your wine cellar. But, yes.

And Sloth is when you sit around by your resort hotel pool. And Lust is a four-female-one-male orgy atop a plush sofa all Stanley Kubrick style IMA LET YOU FINISH but Hieronymus Bosch had the best Seven Deadly Sins interpretation OF ALL TIME. SHOUT OUT 1500!