Humanizing the Drone With Digital Art and 3D-Printing

June 24, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Artist Sterling Crispin’s newest project uses a quadcopter surveillance drone, but in a fresh and, perhaps, humanizing way.

Crispin has tracked the movements of the small drone based on its responses to his movement. The drones eyes were cameras. Its entire intelligence was completely artificial. Then, after gathering its flight information using a simple motion capture system Crispin utilized a 3D printer to create a visual representation of this path, creating a contemporary relic of his own interactions with the technology itself.

What sets this project apart from many others is how simple and organic the final product looks — a small, delicate 3D-printed form sitting atop a flatscreen television. It looks natural, much due to being a product of the artist’s simple interaction with the drone itself. That’s tech art done right.


(Images: Sterling Crispin)