Remote-Controlled Roaches May Save Us All

June 26, 2013 | Julia Dawidowicz

As much as we want to hate the scurrying vermins, researchers have found that cockroaches connected to a Microsoft Kinect are now capable of mapping out disaster sites like collapsed buildings, and of even communicating with people who are trapped inside.

This discovery follows a recently developed remote-control roach technology, currently funding on Kickstarter. Essentially, the system creates cyborg-roaches by inserting microstimulation circuitry into their antennae that “tricks” them into thinking they have bumped into something, causing them to change direction. By combining this with a Kinect motion-sensing system, “researchers were able to program a path for the roaches to follow.”

Normally we’d be opposed to the cruel experimentation on and dissecting of another living thing, but… Sorry, PETA. Roaches are filthy and creepy and they NEVER DIE. But soon… soon they may be the greatest heroes of our time.