David Lynch’s Nine Inch Nails Video Is a Minimal Seizure

June 28, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Here’s that “Came Back Haunted” David Lynch music video you were looking for. It has…

– Pulsating red squares.
– Pulsating black dots.
– A constantly inverting BW Photoshop of a girl-insect in a gasmask.
– Creepy indoor mushroom cloud.
– A shaky, angry, red-tinted close up of Trent Reznor.
– One of David Lynch’s melty round face sculptures that kind of looks like the Eraserhead baby.
– Flash cuts between red-tinted Reznor and Lynch sculptures.
– Red-tinted Reznor Lynch sculpture hybrid, OMG.
– Grey things.

So, he basically made it in his house with his computer quickly and there’s no Big David Lynch Show Featuring Old Shit and Stuff From Twin Peaks Because You Watched Twin Peaks That One Time, but there’s a very fat slither of overlap on the Lynch and NIN fans pie chart who won’t give a damn.

Represent. Tour dates here.