NYPD Stops Whites “Too Much,” Minorities “Too Little,” Says Delusional Radio Caller

June 28, 2013 | Andy Cush

As you may have heard, this week, City Council passed two bills with the power to drastically increase oversight of the NYPD. The reactions from the public have been polarized across the board, but none was more extreme than that of a caller on John Gambling’s radio show this morning.

Michael Bloomberg, a 71-year-old white man from the Upper East Side, had the audacity to claim that “nobody racially profiles” on the NYPD while ranting about the legislation. In fact, the crazed, raving man, claimed, the department “disproportionately [stops] whites too much and minorities too little.”

It’s unclear exactly who this Bloomberg is, or why Gambling gave so much time and deference to his unhinged, delusional ramblings, but New Yorkers an be thankful he was just a radio caller and not someone in a position of power.