The Cicadas Are Already Gone, Apparently

July 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

Where were you during the Great Cicada Swarmageddon of 2013? Locking your doors and sealing your windows to keep the hordes away? Battling your way to the corner bodega with a baseball bat, swatting away all of the filthy creatures in your path? Or putting your entomologist hat on, carefully studying the wealth of new specimens flooding our city?

No one in New York will forget the devastation, the skies blackened with bugs, the swarms dominating the streets. But at last, our long, citywide nightmare–which saw tens, perhaps even dozens of the creatures infesting the five boroughs–is on its way out, according to the New York TimesFinally, it is safe to return to the daylight, to sweep off our cicada carcass-choked sidewalks, and to try to rebuild.

(Photo: Chris Kreussling/Flickr)