Art Gallery to Archive Afrika Bambaataa’s Vinyl Collection

July 3, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Gavin Brown’s enterprise along with Johan Kugelberg of Boo-Hooray Gallery will be archiving quite possibly one of the most historically significant record collections in hip hop history, in preparation for its move to Cornell University’s Hip Hop Collection.

The collection of Afrika Bambaataa — one of the forefathers of hip hop, a pioneer of electro funk and break-beat deejaying and founder of the Zulu Nation — will be sorting, archiving, and cataloguing the historical artifacts. This process is rarely seen by the eye of public. Visitors are being encouraged to “stop by, hear some great music and see how the cultural artifacts of this important strand of American history are preserved.”

Be sure to join the event’s mailing list here.  (Image: WaxPoetics)