Asia Argento’s “Sexodrome”
Music Video by Systaime

July 8, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“She trusted me completely,” French digital artist Systaime (Michaël Borras) tells ANIMAL. Every day for days, actress/singer/director Asia Argento shot videos with her cellphone in Rome and sent them to Systaime in Limoges, France. “She has given me no instructions.”

The video for “Sexodrome” off Nuun Records’ Total Entropy is a mash-up of Asia’s video selfies, YouTube clips, datamoshed pole-dancing and porny flashes melting and undulating into neon flashes, scowling lips, glitching flesh and static.

“The esthetik is fetish,” Systaime says. “It’s an image saturation, a bit like when you take LSD or when we find ourselves in a peepshow. ‘Sexodrome’ is for all senses to react at the same time, a kind of pleasant panic, a near death experience.”

“This collaboration was perfect; Asia is very reactive,” Systaime says. “I telephoned Asia in Rome. We talked. I made the choice to only exchange videos by phone.” Argento’s vocals on the track (produced by Morgan) were also recorded through a cellphone. “It only makes sense to work remotely.”

Maybe so, but Systaime will be live-VJing while Argento performs at David Lynch’s Club Silencio in Paris at a private party in late July.

Systaime founded the French Trash Touch movement and the ongoing, international online and pop-up physical SPAMM exhibit series. He’s worked with artists like Charlélie Couture, Sporto Kantes, Miyö Van Stenis and Bianca Jagger and “the door is wide open” for American artists.

We’ve been particularly found of Systaime when he glitched the fuck out of Rihanna, created this clip for OR†IES and made all these girls tell him they love him. Remotely.