Of Course NYPD Officers Love the Imperial March

July 10, 2013 | Andy Cush

At least two cops were caught displaying staggeringly low levels of self-awareness this month, when they were spotted by Tyler Sargent blasting Star Wars’ “Imperial March,” aka Darth Vader’s theme, while driving near Prospect Park. Sargent heard the ominous tune blaring “at a volume that surely must have drowned out any emergencies being dispatched from the Death Star,” at around 9PM while going for a run. According to Sargent, “The cops were laughing like stoned high-school kids as they drove by.”

New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer has another guy on record as hearing the march coming from a cruiser in Park Slope, though, as they point out, it may have been the same car. “No other squad cars arrived on the scene,” said Scott Rosann, “so I was deprived of hearing the ‘Raiders March‘ as an encore.”

The officers’ choice of music is even more ironic considering Occupy protesters’ propensity for using the piece to mock cops in the past.