Germany’s First New Media Art Fair Looks Promising

July 12, 2013 | Marie Calloway

“Media Art is the art of today, the art that people will remember in the future,” director Unpainted Annette Doms tells ARTinfo. In January 2014, Unpainted will become Germany’s first-ever fair for new media and video art and will show “algorithmic plotter-drawings, computer animation, collages, photography, net-art, software art, interactive art, sculpture.”

Artist Rafaël Rozendaal is slated to give “an introduction to net.art.”

Its Munich location seems to be raising eyebrows, to which Doms responds, “Admittedly, anyone thinking about Munich might think about Oktoberfest, Bavarian customs and tradition, the Allianz Arena, the Frauenkirche, and the glitteratti of the in-crowd society. In reality, Munich is more than its history, offering a perfect symbiosis between tradition and innovation.”

Unpainted will host around 50 international galleries, with applications coming primarily from Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Paris, and New York. Doms sees the fair as an educational opportunity rather than simply an avenue for sales. “The fair will be more than just a sales platform, and won’t only reflect the moving image. We begin at the roots, with art made since the first computers were switched on,” she explains.

(Image: Rafaël Rozendaal via Resonate Festival/Flickr)