The New Museum Will Help You Preserve Your Digital Media

July 17, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

Starting today, the New Museum will be dedicating its entire fifth-floor gallery space to XFR STN.’ It is not your typical art show. The museum itself will provide a service in which artists are permitted to bring in any type of resource and are assisted in creating a high quality digital version.

This service may very well function as that “crash-course” in digital media preservation that many artists so desperately need. As our times are changing, being able to adequately back-up and archive your work can be just as important of a skill as creating it in many cases. Kudos.

As it’s been so eloquently stated in the press release “distribution is preservation,” meaning that the project rightfully serves as a point for dissemination for much of this artist-produced content as it will all be available through the Internet Archive, a nonprofit institution whose mission includes offering “free and open access to all the world’s knowledge.”

So go ahead and make an appointment here, to get all your data not only sorted but archived as part of this project.