The NYPD’s Version of Fox News Is Stepping Down

July 18, 2013 | Bucky Turco

According to the New York Times, Paul Browne announced that he’s leaving the force. He was appointed Deputy Commissioner of Public Information in 2004 and has been spinning stories ever since. In many ways, Browne acted more like a spokesperson for the police union than a public servant who is supposed to be providing factual information about the nation’s largest police department.

When I found and published police documents back in 2011, he downplayed the importance of them and called me a “dumpster-diver” to ABC News, which was very cunning of him, since there is a dumpster in front the Midtown South Task Force station house. However, I didn’t find the documents in a dumpster, they were sitting pretty at the top of a public trash can out front. He knew that. But well played. The notorious lying liar will be taking his skill set to Notre Dame. Go (lying) Irish!

(Photo: EPA/Andrew Gombert)