Attack of the Birds at Greenpoint Park

July 19, 2013 | Andy Cush

According to  New York Times report, mockingbirds have been terrorizing visitors at Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park lately, hovering over people, pecking at them, and generally making a ruckus. One man describes hearing “a wail, like a battle cry,” before a bird swooped down at him, and another says the birds were “were dive-bombing me, and flying at me, and perching and looking at me.”

Most terrifyingly Hitchcockian: the tiny birds apparently have the ability to recognize human faces find threatening, so if you’ve been targeted once, you may be on their watchlist.

According to New York Audubon Society Executive Director Glenn Phillips, the tiny birds should be relaxing soon. “Once the young fledge, they’ll settle down,” he said.

(Photo: Chiltepinster/Wikimedia Commons)