Hurray for Molly Crabapple’s Illustrated Memoir Book Deal With Harper Collins

July 19, 2013 | Marina Galperina

ANIMAL is happy to learn that our friend Molly Crabapple just got a book deal from Harper Collins! Pub Lunch announces…

Artist, journalist, and Discordia coauthor Molly Crabapple’s Drawing Blood, an illustrated memoir of her life as an “angry punk kid,” model, fire eater, demimonde portraitist, and visual chronicler of protest movements—and an inspiring look at how art can save us.

“It’s going to have lots of art and lots of words and I am very excited and also terrified!” Molly tells ANIMAL.

She has always been trouble, but recently, Crabapple has emerged as a unique type of artist/illustrator/reporter/social commentator hybrid, with her meticulous, allegorical canvases depicting Occupy and Anonymous movements and Tunisian and Greek social and economic crises, to her courtroom sketches of the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from Guantanamo Bay.

She’s also been very candid and emotionally explicit in writing about herself at Vice, from memories of being “a professional naked girl”

Turning it on and off was something I thought about when I was lying naked in a warehouse in the Bronx, surrounded by hard-boiled eggs. The man photographing me adamantly denied having an egg fetish. After the shoot was over, he’d offer them to me to bring home and eat. I was broke enough to say yes.


Artists too have their myths. The lies told to artists mirror the lies told to women. Be good enough, be pretty enough, and that guy or gallery will sweep you off your feet, to the picket-fenced land of generous collectors and two and a half kids. But, make the first move, seize your destiny, and you’re a whore.

and even her abortion.

Pregnancy felt like a mixture of stomach flu, clinical depression, and having a damp gray blanket wrapped around my brain. Every day on the freezing subway platform on the way to school, reeling with fever, I’d think about throwing myself on the tracks.

She’s having an interesting life. We’re excited for Drawing Blood.