Dylan on Deitch: A Short Video Interview to Make You Like Jeffrey Deitch Again

July 29, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

A new video interview with the back-home-to-NYC-bound director of L.A.’s MoCA museum Jeffrey Deitch has just surfaced in which he is being interviewed by filmmaker Jesse Dylan, son of the well-known singer, songwriter, and recent portrait painter Bob Dylan.

During the course of the six-minute interview, Deitch explains what it was like seeing the first artwork he remembers being captivated by and even provides an in-depth explanation about what had initially interested him about some of the art in Los Angeles. Overall, the whole video seems to put much of an emphasis on humanizing Deitch as a person who is uniquely passionate about art’s everlasting effects on people and less concerned with anything that may be associated with positions of power within the art-world.

Overall, he gives off a vibe much akin to a campaign ad for a presidential candidate up for re-election.

Our advice is that you check out MOCAtv instead, a great YouTube channel.