Marina Abramović Is Doing Reddit AMA Tomorrow, Is Hip on Internets

July 29, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Told you.

Now, are you going to calm down about the Kickstarter? Marina Abramović does not need your money. Marina Abramović is Jay Z. Also, Marina Abramović is Lady Gaga now. I told you, the Kickstarter for the Marina Abramović Institute dedicated to the performance, preservation, participation of long durational performance art works and marveling at Marina Abramović is NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. It’s about media attention, press reactions, fan reactions, and tweets — THERE ARE TWEETS ABOUT A PERFORMANCE ARTIST NOW — otherwise, there is no point in associating herself and her projects with such buzzy, hashtaggy, “controversial” thing as Kickstarter™.

Anyway, tomorrow at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST, Marina Abramović is doing a Reddit™ AMA™ because Marina™ knows how the internet™ works.

(Photo: MAI Twitter)