Bloomberg’s “Seaport City” Vision Inches Closer to Reality

August 1, 2013 | Andy Cush

As part of a plan to stave off floodwaters in the event of another Sandy-like storm, Michael Bloomberg proposed the building of a new neighborhood, “Seaport City,” on Lower Manhattan’s East Side. Now, he’s moving forward on that plan, requesting proposals from consulting firms on how to make the landfill-built area a reality. The idea is that if the area is built high enough, it will protect the extremely vulnerable South Street Seaport, without putting its own residents in danger.

That’s a rendering, courtesy of the mayor’s office, above. Very sleek and futurist, also kind of oblivious to the character of the historic neighborhood that would sit just behind it. Plus it has those buildings with holes in the middle of them, like the ones that are likely going to pop up around the Domino sugar factory.