Here’s a Choking Sculpture That May or May Not Be Charles Saatchi

August 2, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

What do you get the mega-collector who has everything? Why, a sculptural self-portrait, of course! And what better subject than, oh, that time when the art-world patron was caught choking his now ex-wife, star chef Nigella Lawson, at a London restaurant, an incident that he referred to as a “playful tiff” rather than domestic abuse?

The moment is immortalized in a sculpture of the same name installed at the aptly named Jealous Gallery, a print studio in London. Saatchi, dressed in a suit with his hand outstretched in a threatening chokehold, is replicated in bright red, an intense scowl on his face and devil horns affixed to his head. Visitors are free to pose with their neck in the connoisseur’s grip and take what we can only imagine are epic #artselfies. But don’t call the sculpture Saatchi. The gallery warns, likely for legal protection, that the figure is not Charles Saatchi.

This is one young British artwork the collector will certainly not be buying. (Image: Creativity Online)