Interactive Tumblr-Based Music Video Premiers on Tumblr

August 2, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“A good Tumblr can make an emotional stream of consciousness visible in a very visceral way,” says Califone of their new Tumblr-based music video for “Stiches.” With a custom API built, the video scrolls overlapping photos and GIFs from right to left, each clickable for the user to repost, with a different batch and sequence importing itself from a selection of Tumblr blogs each reload. Watch the stream here.

ANIMAL loves interactive music videos, and I share Art F City’s enthusiasm for this platform’s potential and often go get lost down visceral, emotional rabbit holes on Tumblr… But these particular image selections aren’t very inspired and the mellow tune isn’t my cup of tea. Sputnik GIFs and vintage medical illustrations? Cool. A rain-drop covered old Mercedes hood and a headless model torso in a leotard? Whatever.

There’s better Tumblrs out there. If they were going for a corporal ghost thing, they could have just set it to “mutter museum” tag. 

Now excuse me while I go look at Cloaque (net art’s Exquisite Corpse) and the now defunct Hypergeography for a few hours, bye.