ANIMAL Investigates Gothamist’s Google Glass – Cronut Conundrum

August 5, 2013 | Bucky Turco

Earlier today, beloved NYC website Gothamist published a photo from Flickr that showed a pair of Google Glass, the most buzzed about gadget of all time, sitting atop a Cronut, the most buzzed about pastry-thingy of all time. The blog was flummoxed by the juxtaposition and speculated on the “mental stability” of the person who posted it, so we reached out to Flickr user wesleyrosenblum to get to the bottom of this potential meme-inducing mystery.

Turns out, it was the handiwork of software developer Brandon Rosenblum. He agreed to answer some hard-hitting questions.

1) Where did get you the Cronut?
My wife actually pre-ordered them two weeks ago. Not many people seem to know you can do that. No waiting in line!

2) Where did you get the Google Glass?
My company owns the Google Glass, I only use it for resting it on trendy food items.

3) What implored you to take a pair of Google Glass and put it on a Cronut? 
See [answer to] number 2.

4) Did you go to the Cronut website to view the Cronuts while wearing Google Glass?
I don’t view Cronuts, I just eat them.

5) Are you Illuminati? 
Thanks for asking if I’m Illuminati instead of questioning my mental stability like Gothamist.

You’re welcome Internet.

UPDATE: NYC pastry chef and father of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel, said the following to ANIMAL about the photo: “I’d love to try the Google Glass. Looks much more hi-tech than the Cronut.”

(Photo: wesleyrosenblum/Flickr)