Nan Goldin’s Happy Summer
Fun Time Show

August 5, 2013 | Marina Galperina

“I don’t want to show my life to the public this way anymore,” Nan Goldin swore in 2010. “It’s cost me a lot and I don’t want anyone to know anything about my life today.”

Not sure what’s changed, and to be fair, her upcoming new show in East Hampton spans from the ’80s to the current — not so much on the current. But the works in this show are all happy memories — sans the bruises and other moments of physical intimacy that gave her an important voice, but with the same beauty that made her an important artist. The selection “reveals the leisurely spirit of the artist’s time at her home in Sag Harbor and her countless summers abroad,” as well as images of her friends and loved ones enjoying summer and rarely seen landscapes. If you’re happy, there is no reason to hide.

This looks like a nice little day trip though. “NAN GOLDIN: wish you were here,” Aug 3 – Aug 18, QF Gallery, East Hampton, New York (Images: Huffington Post, QF Gallery)