LA’s New K-Pop Museum Will Have Holograms

August 9, 2013 | Marina Galperina

The South Korean government recently announced that they will be conducting a world-wide public image survey to statistically establish how close they’re getting to their state goal of creating “an attractive Korea trusted by the world.” Thanks to K-Pop — a flashy, thumpy, largely homogeneous, government-endorsed, shiny neon sugar-sweet ambassador agent — the “hallyu” culture/Korean Wave has been spreading throughout the world. Korea is attractive.

The epic record label/talent agency/K-pop-group-manufacturer SM Entertainment happens to have a location in Los Angeles and plans to open the SMTOWN Museum, celebrating K-Pop “music, videos and fashion,” near their offices in Koreatown. And, coming soon, from the entertainment industry/genre that rakes in billions of dollars and YouTube views… HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY. “Advancements in world peace and prosperity” for all! Sucks for anyone who grew up in Korea hating K-pop, but I want to see some holograms!