Smells Like Emily Dickinson

August 9, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

As a reinterpretation of  the “celebrity scent” concept, Paddywax Candles recognizes a select handful of notable writers as part of their new “Library Collection.” The scents are meant to smell nothing like the musty books and aged leather commonly associated with libraries, but instead paris mixes of not-particularly-extravagant fragrance notes with unique quotes from the each author. So, what does “Emily Dickinson” smell like? Lavender & Cassis.

Other authors include: Leo Tolstoy in Black Plum, Persimmon & Oakmoss, Oscar Wilde in Cedarwood, Thyme & Basil, Edgar Allan Poe in Cardamom, Absinthe & Sandalwood, Jane Austen in Gardenia, Tuberose & Jasmine, Charles Dickens in Tangerine, Juniper & Clove, and Mark Twain in Tobacco Flower & Vanilla (obviously.)