The Last Kanye West x George Condo Silk Art Scarf Is on Sale, Expensive

August 13, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

A few years ago, Kanye West had commissioned George Condo to create a series of paintings featuring “the characters who populate his musical fantasies” for Kanye’s album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” He also commissioned a few limited edition silk scarves.

Now, along with the help of Parisian publisher M/M, the collaborators produced a series of five screen-printed silk scarves which effectively referenced the albums themes of “Power,” “Phoenix,” “Face,” “Ballerina” and the “Priest,” at only one-hundred pieces each.

At $250 a scarf, these works had sold-out almost immediately making them, in many ways unattainable to much of the general public.

Today could very well be your lucky as one of these elusive scarves is now being offered as part of artnet’s Ephemera Sale, available for bidding until this Thursday. So far there’s only been a single bid for the amount of $750, much below its estimated worth of somewhere between $1,200–1,500 dollars.