What Will the Chapman Brothers Do?
Performa 13 Live Art Line-Up Announced

August 13, 2013 | Marina Galperina

New York-based “biennial dedicated to live performance across the disciplines” Performa has announced its line-up for the year. From November 1st to the 24th, more then 60 venues from the Bronx Museum to the Grey Gallery are participating in hosting new commissions. Some of the artists will be incorporating live performance into their art for the first time. Here’s the solid 2013 line-up:

Ryan McNamara, Rashid Johnson, Pawel Althamer, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Rosa Barba, Alexander Singh, Marianne Vitale, Subodh Gupta, Raqs Media Collective, Pawel Althamer, Nicholas Hlobo, Florian Hecker, Tori Wrånes…

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Shout out Rashid Johnson but also WOAH JAKE AND DINOS CHAPMAN!

What are my favorite subversive English artist brother duo going to do? (WWCBD?)

Will it be sacrilegious and “culturally degrading,” like in Russia? How will it incorporate their metaphorical death camp Goya-tagging self-sodomizing-Nazi cock-nose vag-mouth “kid” themes and practice?

*Crossing fingers for Kanye West music-performance collaboration*

FUCK IT, I want a billion an all out Chapman-Yeezus x Jay Z-Abramović rap x art war!

(Guess who will win.)

Hint hint –>

I’m kidding. I think.