Electrolyte Beer Actually Hydrates You, Won’t Give You a Hangover

August 19, 2013 | Andy Cush

The holy grail of binge drinking may have just arrived. A group of Australian researchers have developed a beer they claim hydrates you as you drink it, not only keeping the drinker hangover-free, but actively staving off the dreaded headache and sour stomach.

Their solution to a problem as old as time? Sweet, magic electrolytes! Idiocracy was right.

They tested this bizarre beer/Gatorade hybrid (beertorade?) on people who had just completed exercise, asking them to drink one of four beers, two of which had electrolytes added. Those who chose the electrolyte beer were substantially more hydrated than those who didn’t.

No word on how it tastes, but on a certain kind of night I’d gladly drink watery booze in exchange for the promise of a clear head the next morning.