What If NYC’s Richest People Lived in Its Tallest Buildings?

August 19, 2013 | Andy Cush

A new set of images by artist Nickolay Lamm imagines a New York City in which wealth is mapped directly onto the skyline. That, the higher the average net worth of an area is, the taller its buildings become. The results are striking, if not entirely surprising.

On Lamm’s maps, the Upper East and West Sides tower over the rest of Manhattan, creating giant barriers around Central Park. Much of the rest of the city appears flat, with another cluster of giants emerging downtown near the financial district.

“We all know some have more than others, but this project, I believe, puts the striking differences in perspective,” the artist told the Daily News.

Previously, Lamm visualized what NYC would look like on the surface of all our solar system’s planets.