3D Print All the Internet Memes Into IRL

August 20, 2013 | Kyle Chayka

The world’s 3D-printing resources seem to be continuously improving allowing the applications of this new medium to shifting and changing at an exponential rate. This emerging technology, that many of us may have only learned about a few years ago, is already on its way to becoming the standard for product production, rapid prototyping, and even in art. An online service by the name of Shapeways may be partially responsible for this, seeing as they allow their users to upload their own three-dimensional renderings to be printed, making the service available for anyone who may have a sue for it.

Since many of us don’t consider ourselves to be natural inventors, users have already begun to use this new format for the sole purpose of creating memes to be printed out. Out of all the numerous memes that have been made available, our favorites would have to be: Success Kid, Son I am Disappoint, Joseph Ducreux, Trollface, and the Me Gusta meme.

(Image: ryankittleson/Shapeways)