What If PRISM Was a Trendy Startup?

August 22, 2013 | Andy Cush

Have you heard about PRSM? It’s “a brand new way to share everything” featuring seamless integration with Skype, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Apple Products. PRSM makes it easy to communicate with others, streaming things like status updates, emails, purchases, searches, and locations.

Sound familiar? Maybe it’s because you’re already signed up. GetPRSM.com expertly skewers both the NSA’s pervasive internet surveillance program and our own willingness to share information on social networks, presenting PRISM as if it were the latest VC-funded darling of Silicon Valley, on a website complete with artfully out-of-focus photos, a trendy fixed background, and lots of nice-looking icons.

Why join PRSM? With 320 million users, you’ll “find every person you’ve ever known,” the site reads. “Even grandma.”