The Yes Men Brought a Sedated Polar Bear to Amsterdam to “Celebrate” the Shell Gazprom Partnership

August 23, 2013 | Marina Galperina

Righteous conmen and activist artists the Yes Men just pranked the city of Amsterdam in a big, furry way. Since Shell has just partnered with Russia’s notorious gas-oil giant Gazprom with plans to drill in the Arctic Circle, the Yes Men impersonated some corporate VIPs and delivered a drugged polar bear in a cage on a raft with a marching band a singing child. Art F City points out that they used a Moby song in their video release and Moby is confused and unhappy about it.

The bear is also confused. And the people of Amsterdam are confused. But for you, there’s a handy polar partners “site” explaining various details, like what Shell and Gazprom see in each other that is so worthwhile of such a controversial partnership, such as…

Strong downward trend in worker fatality following 2011
Famous Russian strength and perseverance

Experience handling opposition guerrilla in polite way
Excellent ties to W. politics (USA, EU) without ‘oligarch’ taint